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1: St Helena: EXPERT ADVICE ON AUTISM - St Helena (Education) - 21.04.2014
Jude Ragan (OBE) arrives on Island on 7 April for a month to provide advice to the Education Directorate on Autistic Spectrum Disorders.

2: St Helena EXCO MEETING – Tuesday 1 April 2014 - St Helena (Legal) - 21.04.2014
Open to the Public from 11.30am Executive Council will meet today Tuesday 1 April 2014 in the Council Chamber.

3: St Helena EXCO REPORT - TUESDAY 1 APRIL 2014 - St Helena (Legal) - 21.04.2014
Executive Council met today Tuesday 1 April to consider six items on the Open Agenda.

4: St Helena: INCINERATION OF CONFISCATED GOODS - St Helena (Gen - Government) - 21.04.2014
On 13 March 2014 around 10kgs of honey in 23 containers and over 40kgs of assorted seeds, dried leaves, raw spices and untreated wooden artefacts were incinerated in Ruperts Valley.

5: NEW CROWN COUNSEL FOR ST HELENA - St Helena (Legal) - 21.04.2014
St Helena Island has a new Crown Counsel. Aina Hurley (photo attached) arrived to the Island on Monday 31 March 2014 and is here on a two year contract working in the Attorney General’s Chambers at the Castle.

6: NEW HEAD OF HM CUSTOMS & PORT CONTROL for St Helena - St Helena (Gen - Government) - 21.04.2014
Jonathan Holland recently arrived on St Helena to take on the post of Head of HM Customs and Port Control, on a 3 year contract, replacing his predecessor Peter Henderson.

7: St Helena POST AIRPORT SHIPPING UPDATE - St Helena (Business News) - 21.04.2014
Leaving on the RMS St Helena today after a week on-Island are Matt Young and Kedell Worboys MBE, two of the Directors of St Helena Line (SHL), which is responsible - on behalf of St Helena Government - for entering into and managing a contract for St Helena with a shipping management company, currently Andrew Weir Shipping.

8: St Helena WHARF IMPROVEMENTS PROJECT - St Helena (Business News) - 21.04.2014
Arriving on the RMS on 22 April 2014 will be Simon Quinn from Nicholas O’Dwyer Consulting Engineers and Mathieu Le Gourrierec from CAN France.

9: EXCO MEETING – Wednesday 16 April 2014 - St Helena (Legal) - 21.04.2014
Executive Council will meet on Wednesday afternoon, 16 April 2014, in the Council Chamber.

10: Two Warships of the French Navy to do Port Call in - St Helena (Business News) - 21.04.2014
Two warships of the French Navy, Landing Helicopter Dock (LHD) Mistral and Stealth Frigate (FLF) La Fayette will do a port call in St Helena and will be moored off the Island from early on Tuesday 15 April.

11: St Helena MARINE AWARENESS WEEK 2014 - St Helena (Fisheries) - 01.04.2014
Marine Awareness Week is celebrated annually on St Helena to raise awareness of the importance of the Island’s marine environment, underwater habitats and species.

12: FRENCH NAVAL SHIPS TO CALL AT ST HELENA - St Helena (Business News) - 01.04.2014
On Tuesday 15 April 2014, St Helena will host a one-day call from two major French warships - the 21,300 tonne Force Projection & Command Ship ‘FS Mistral’ and the advanced Frigate ‘FS La Fayette’.

13: St Helena: OUTBREAK OF FOWL CHOLERA – UPDATE - St Helena (Health) - 31.03.2014
It was announced on Wednesday 26 March that an isolated outbreak of the serious bird disease, Fowl Cholera, had been diagnosed in the flock of ducks at Farm Lodge, St Paul’s, St Helena. This disease affects only birds - particularly and most seriously domestic flocks, where it is normally fatal.

14: St Helena: FOREIGN OFFICE REPLACES GOVERNOR’S FLAG CAR - St Helena (Business News) - 31.03.2014
The Foreign and Commonwealth Office has purchased a replacement flag car for the Governor. At no cost to SHG, the silver Jaguar XF replaces the present vehicle, which is now over four years old.

15: St Helena: UTILITY TARIFFS 2014/15 - St Helena (Business News) - 31.03.2014
Further to the Directive on 2014/15 Electricity and Water Tariffs issued by the St Helena Utilities Regulatory Authority on 17 March 2014, Connect Saint Helena Ltd has today published the final utility Tariffs for 2014-15, commencing 1 April 2014.

St Helena’s National Vocational Quality (NVQ) Assurance Coordinator Joyce Duncan (photo attached) is soon to embark on a period of training in the UK.

17: BIOSECURITY - PUBLIC CONSULTATION - REMINDER - St Helena (Education) - 31.03.2014
St Helena’s Biosecurity Policy (‘Biosecurity St Helena’) is now out for public consultation.

18: St Helena: DETECTIVE CHIEF INSPECTOR ARRIVES - St Helena (Gen - Government) - 31.03.2014
The Lucy Faithful Report on the subject of Child Protection on St Helena and Ascension Island was published in October last year.

19: Commonwealth Day Film - St Helena (Heritage) - 31.03.2014
Commonwealth Day on Monday 10 March was an opportunity for member Nations of the Commonwealth to promote understanding on global issues, international cooperation and the work of Commonwealth organisations.

20: St Helena: BUDGET SPEECH 2014/15 - St Helena (Business News) - 31.03.2014
Financial Secretary Colin Owen this afternoon delivered the Budget Speech for St Helena, 2014/15 (photo attached). The theme of this year’s Budget was the Health of the Nation and Making a Difference.

21: ST HELENA MEDIA CODE 2014 - St Helena (Business News) - 31.03.2014
The St Helena Media Code of Practice 2014 was issued today by the St Helena Media Commission.

22: St Helena: 2014/15 ELECTRICITY AND WATER TARIFFS - St Helena (Business News) - 31.03.2014
The St Helena Utilities Regulatory Authority has today issued its Direction under Section 5 (1) (C) of the Utilities Services Ordinance 2013.

23: FORMAL LEGISLATIVE COUNCIL MEETING – FRIDAY 21 MARCH 2014 - St Helena (Business News) - 31.03.2014
The First Sitting of the Fourth Meeting of Legislative Council will take place on Friday 21 March 2014 at 10am in the Court House

24: The Directors – Part VI Carol George, Director of Health and Social Welfare - St Helena (Business News) - 02.06.2011
St Helena Government has introduced a new directorate structure which came into effect on 1st April. Because of this, instead of Departments SHG now has ten Directorates.

25: New Head Teacher for Prince Andrew School - St Helena (Education) - 13.01.2011
The new Head Teacher of Prince Andrew School, Abraham Swart accompanied by his wife arrived on island on Tuesday, 11th January 2011.

26: St. Helena: A Fishery on the Way Up! - St Helena (Fisheries) - 02.04.2003
St. Helena's fishery is quite different than that of South Georgia. The style and approach of stock assessmant and management reflect the uniqueness of the fishery.

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